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D2 turbo motor


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A 12V DC battery revs the D2 Turbo up to 9000 rpm so it'll move gates weighing up to 250 kilograms at up to 24 metres per minute

Domestic Sliding Gate Operator, suitable for gates up to 250kg.

Prepare for your sliding gate to be turbocharged..

Sleek, strong, stylish - and even eco-conscious - this CENTURION has it all.

Main features:

·         Battery backup

·         Rapid Operating Speed - slower speed can be selected

·         Multiple operating profiles

·         Smooth acceleration and deceleration

·         Exceptionally easy system set up via simple controller

·         Onboard NOVA multichannel receiver with selective delete

·         Reliable Operation - Over 30,000 cycles, that's around ten years on the average domestic gate

·         Lockable, easy manual override

·         Electrical spike protection against lightning and power surges

Minimal materials used for construction - almost 100% recyclable