automatic-gate Have you ever wished you could remotely open the gates to your property? Imagine not having to get out of your car to open or shut the gates especially on a rainy day. Call us now 07033992255

automatic-gate-nigeriaAt Nevosys Automation services we can fit your existing gates with automatic motorized openers that will allow your gates to open automatically at the push of a button 

UNBEATABLE BACKUP POWER: Our system doesn’t rely on NEPA or GENERATOR. It works purely on solar energy. Even if the sun doesn’t shine for four days, our system would still work, day and night. Can you beat that. 

Added Security 
Once your gates are fitted with automatic gate openers it becomes very difficult to prise the gates open without the remote control. This will give you added security and peace of mind. If you have children or a dog they won’t be able to get out. Your car will be safer from theft and intruders will find it harder to get on to the property. You can also have a keypad at the gate so that people without the remote can enter a code and the gates will open. 

Cheaper Than You Think 
You will be amazed to find out how cost effective it is to add this feature to your gates. Once you have automatic gate openers you will wonder how you ever lived without them. We can install the necessary hardware to your existing gates no matter what size or if your gates are not up to it we can organize for new gates to be installed. We source our gate openers direct from the factory, so you get them at wholesale prices. 

At nevosys Automation we have the experience and skill necessary to install automatic gate openers so they will operate reliably. And because we are local we can come to you in the unlikely event that there is a problem that needs to be rectified. 

Free Offer 
If you order your automatic gate openers through Nevosys we will supply you a free keypad worth N15,000 for access to the property without a remote control.