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What is Smart Building Automation?

Generally home automation refers to the technology integrated into a home which makes living in your home more convenient, more efficient and enhances your lifestyle. This is best achieved by using a reliable home control system.

What can be achieved with a home control system?

The options are virtually unlimited. Below are some examples of the main systems you may wish to control:

vLighting – set the mood with contemporary lighting design

  • vLighting – set the mood with contemporary lighting design
  • vMulti room audio and video distribution.- enjoy sound and vision throughout the home
  • vCCTV - feel secure in your home, and monitor it remotely when you are out or abroad
  • vClimate control – keep cool in the summer and warm in the winter
  • vMedia server for Central archive storage of CD’s, DVD’s, pictures and more – all your media at your finger tips
  • vComputer networks - share files and printers and access the internet in every room
  • vBlinds and curtains - enjoy natural light from sunrise, and peace of mind at sunset
  • vAutomatic Gate Opener
  • vAutomatic garage Door Opener
  • vTouch screen controls - total home control at your finger tips
  • vHome security Burglar and Alarm System
  • vFire and Smoke Detectors
  • vIrrigation system
  • vDedicated Home Theatre
  • vDedicated Power load backup

How nevosys integrate this into my home?

Any or all of the features above can be installed in your building and integrated so that you have a single easy to use touch screen panel in each zone. This allows you to control any aspect of the environment and entertainment throughout your entire building. Call 07033992255 today for consultation