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Get IPTV equipment, software, trainings, know-how and support for a special price!

But the attractiveness of this special opportunity is not just about its special price, it's also about its simplicity to install it into real hotel environment, while each piece of equipment is pre-configured, each cable is marked where to plug it in, each step of system integration is documented and extensive support by Nevosys is available all the time. No special skills are required to assemble this out-of-the-box system and run it.

ALL-IN-ONE Nevron IPTV hotel TV system fits hotels with up to 30 rooms.

With an average IT skill the whole system could be integrated by yourselves or one of your local IT providers. For that purpose you will receive pre-configured equipment, integration manual and free remote support of our technical expert, which will supervise the integration of Nevron IPTV equipment into your hotel.

Video on demand, TV channels, TV shop, promotional TV channels and other interactive services on the TV screen of your guest’s room are not just for larger hotels anymore. 



Planning and Design

No chance should be taken with the performance, ease of use and reliability associated with the electronics around you in your home. Mastering the integration and control of audio, video, lighting, comfort, security and other necessities should be a priority. Many years of experience has enabled Lagos Based Nevosys to provide top notch planning and design services for any type of project. We work closely with your designer, architect, builder and other trades to ensure the perfection of your project.

Structured Wiring

Structured Wiring Systems integrate your home’s Video, Satellite, Telephone, Computer Network, Home Audio, and intercom wiring into one coherent system. Bringing all of this wire to a carefully organized panel or location provides you with the most options for today’s and future technologies. New wireless technologies have offered great convenience and cost savings but hard wired systems are still the best bet for reliability and safety of your information. Nevosys has years of experience and the latest technologies to design and install your structured wiring system for home or business.

Audio and Video Distribution

Today’s audio and video distribution systems offer great performance, convenience, efficiency and flexibility, and are more affordable than ever! Multiple audio and video sources are available in unlimited locations with powerful control via touch screens, handheld remote controls and SmartPhones and tablets. With this type of control we can centrally locate all the equipment, which saves space and resources. Combined with today’s space saving flat screen TVs, we no longer require equipment located near them. The days of using inefficient volume controls are gone, allowing higher quality audio distribution. Speaker products have reached new levels of performance and application. NevoSmart has all the latest technology and expertise to design and install your new or upgraded AV system.


Security and Surveillance

These days, locking the doors just isn’t good enough to protect your family, home and/or business. Today’s security systems can range from simple point of entry coverage to full access control, glass break sensors, motion sensors, fire protection, water issue sensors and more. Your security system can be integrated into your automation system so it knows whether you are home or not, or even where you are when you are home.

Part of security is video surveillance, todays options are the best and are more affordable than ever. nevoSmart offers all the latest in camera equipment and digital recording products for residential and commercial needs. In the home, these systems provide convenience and security. In your business, these systems provide security, theft deterrence, and fraud deterrence. While also providing improved safety, productivity, and even lower insurance costs.

Service and Support

There are many reasons we have been in business well over 5 years, and we feel like the number one reason is our commitment to servicing our customers. We’ll make sure you and your family understands how simple and easy it is to operate your system. Just a phone call away, we are always here to support and service your system, keeping your life (and your lifestyle) in working order. With today’s technology and internet bandwidth your system can even be managed and serviced remotely. This includes function and software upgrades, along with diagnosis and repair. Your satisfaction is our first consideration and final goal, with support and service as part of our pledge to you.

automatic-gate Have you ever wished you could remotely open the gates to your property? Imagine not having to get out of your car to open or shut the gates especially on a rainy day. Call us now 07033992255

Comprehensive Gate Automation with the D10 Turbo

Everyone knows that life is about sacrifice and compromise Our existence is dictated by a sort of universal truth that states “you can’t have your cake and eat it”.  But CENTURION has taken this rather paradoxical statement and said, “What is cake for if not for eating?”


Thus was born the D10 Turbo We realised that there are absolutely no compromises to be made when it comes to home and personal security, and that a gate motor was needed that would offer the whole package without skimping on the essentials.

Like a fine, high-performance sports car, the D10 Turbo was originally built for speed.  With atop speed of 50 metres per minute, this expeditious operator opens and closes lighter gates at a velocity that can only be described as “lightning-like”.   The benefits to having such a speedy sprinter for a gate motor is twofold:  Firstly, there are few things in life more frustrating than coming home after a long day’s work and having to wait for an entrance gate to creep open at a pace akin to that of an aged sloth.  The second benefit has to do with seated poultry.  Yip; when we have to wait for a slow gate to allow us into the property, we become sitting ducks for criminals.  The D10 Turbo allows for ultra-fast opening and closing, leaving potential intruders in the dust.

So that’s speed covered.  But what about power?

Simply put, the D10 Turbo has plenty of it, and is able to run gates weighing up to a ton if the operator running speed is adjusted accordingly The table below denotes the maximum operator running speed with corresponding maximum gate mass.

D10 Turbo Maximum Operating Speed for Corresponding Gate Mass

Gate Mass (kg)

            Operator Max. Running Speed (m/min)           




















 Even with an extremely heavy load, the D10 Turbo runs like greased lightning.

Finally, there is the issue of intelligence.  Suffice it to say, the advanced D10 Turbo electronic controller will score in the top of its class if it ever had to take a SAT test.  Its user-friendly LCD interface and easy-to navigate menus make it the smartest industrial gate motor by far.

Speed, power and intelligence – it’s all in a day’s work for our fastest operator yet!

What is Smart Building Automation?

Generally home automation refers to the technology integrated into a home which makes living in your home more convenient, more efficient and enhances your lifestyle. This is best achieved by using a reliable home control system.

What can be achieved with a home control system?

The options are virtually unlimited. Below are some examples of the main systems you may wish to control:

vLighting – set the mood with contemporary lighting design

  • vLighting – set the mood with contemporary lighting design
  • vMulti room audio and video distribution.- enjoy sound and vision throughout the home
  • vCCTV - feel secure in your home, and monitor it remotely when you are out or abroad
  • vClimate control – keep cool in the summer and warm in the winter
  • vMedia server for Central archive storage of CD’s, DVD’s, pictures and more – all your media at your finger tips
  • vComputer networks - share files and printers and access the internet in every room
  • vBlinds and curtains - enjoy natural light from sunrise, and peace of mind at sunset
  • vAutomatic Gate Opener
  • vAutomatic garage Door Opener
  • vTouch screen controls - total home control at your finger tips
  • vHome security Burglar and Alarm System
  • vFire and Smoke Detectors
  • vIrrigation system
  • vDedicated Home Theatre
  • vDedicated Power load backup

How nevosys integrate this into my home?

Any or all of the features above can be installed in your building and integrated so that you have a single easy to use touch screen panel in each zone. This allows you to control any aspect of the environment and entertainment throughout your entire building. Call 07033992255 today for consultation

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