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bollards-kerbsWe supply and install Automatic Rising Bollards and Kerbs. The Generation 6 range of rising bollard systems is the result of 20 years experience. It is constructed using three key elements; a casing cast manufactured in one piece which integrates the sliding rails and mechanical supports in the same block for outstanding performance.

It boasts a very high impact resistance as it is formed from cast steel up to 24mm (7/8"). The cast cover is formed from steel, which fully protects the bollard, in one piece with a 10 year warranty. The bollard has a shock absorbing technology meaning the energy received is redirected via its long jacketing into counter components before depleting through the embedded casing. A thick plastic guiding ring eases the travel of the bollard in both upwards and downwards cycles reducing both friction and noise. The bollard head provides superior mechanical resistance - it integrates the guide rails as a solid, single piece and is designed to work without wear or tear for very limited maintenance. Call us now for Boom Barriers, Road Blockers, Rising and Static Bollards